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  • My advocacy and passion for volunteering started way back in 2007. Who would have thought that my whole life perspective would change in a simple university NSTP project? That was when I felt the satisfaction of helping other people. It was then that I realized that I want to help the people living in remote communities who don’t have access to proper education. Since then I started organizing outreach activities and founded We Lift Club. We lift club broaden my horizons with regards to a variety of people, groups, and circumstances. I have learned lessons and skills that have helped me in social situations.

  • "There were people who helped me have my education-I was a scholar in college-and I want to show my gratefulness by helping other people who are in need."

    -Mary Ann Vale, Founder

Our Work

Change starts with us

We Lift Club is a non-government organization that aims to make a change by:

Reaching out to the children that lives in the remote areas around the country

Our main goal is to bring help to children living in remote areas especially the indigenous people. Through the donations, we are providing them school supplies, building book and toy libraries and helping communities rebuild / renovate school infrastructure. We also conduct fun activities with the kids like team building and feeding programs with our volunteers.

Spreading environmental awareness through conservation activities

Since most of our beneficiaries live in secluded areas like forest, mountains, riversides. We are promoting activities for environmental awareness including waste management, coastal cleanups, mountaineering, and tree planting. We educate our beneficiaries and volunteers on the why’s and how’s of protecting our environment and the possible consequence if we continue its destruction.

Promoting meaningful and sustainable travels

We usually incorporate our outreach programs with promoting sustainable travels. On the first day will be our immersion and interaction with the community. On the second day, we explore the whole area for the volunteers to appreciate the beauty and importance of the environment. We also show the crucial role of the environment in the livelihood of the communities living in the area.

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